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About Castcall

Castcall was established in 1986 when Ron O'Brien, then a theatrical agent, hit on a way to distribute casting information more efficiently than the standard weekly services by making use of the new 'premium rate' telephone line services - hence the name Castcall. Not only would this provide the first ever service to keep actors up-to-date with three up-dates per week, it also enabled actors to obtain information without having to commit to a lengthy subscription.

It wasn't long before agents began to ask about Castcall, and casting directors ask if we could provide a service directed at agents that would provide 3+ up-dates per week. Thus in late 1990 a pilot Castfax service was started for agents only. This, initially, also made use of premium rate telephone lines using a fax retrieval system.

In 1991 Castfax started in earnest and soon generated a good deal of interest. Within just a few months we had agents from the smallest to the largest using our service. After re-equipping our office in 1992, we started our subscription service for faxed subscriptions. It wasn't long before actors also had access to fax machines and Castcall responded with an 'Actors Castfax' service.

1994 and  computers entered the business world. Castcall was - again - first to establish a web presence and email subscriptions began - albeit slowly (2 subscribers for the first 4 months!) However, as more and more agents and individual actors got 'on-line', so more and more transferred to our email service - which these days accounts for 100% of our subscribers.

Castcall is always on the lookout for new and innovative methods and means of getting information to subscribers or offering new affordable services. As technology changes, so does Castcall. Since our very existence we have strived to provide our subscribers with accurate casting information (verified within an hour of going out) making full use of the latest technological advances, so who knows what will be next?

On Friday 25th March 2021 Castcall closed

Castcall is a Registered Trade Mark No: 2371318

Castcall has been inspected by the Department of Trade & Industry and is classified as an "Agency" under Section 13(2) of the Employment Agencies Act 1973

Please note we do NOT offer representation, personal management or any other agency services


What Subscribers say:

"I have used Castcall for more than 8 years, it is the best casting information service I know.
- M. Hamilton

"Castcall  not only provides reliable job info, they have also given me some of the best advice I've ever had to help me in my career"
- S. Andrews